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Are you a model that is wanting to shoot with me?

I get a lot of messages from models wanting to do TF shoots. I wish that I could work with everyone but I just don't have the time for that. There is limited availability for purely collaborative artistic shoots. Paid work does take priority and if you would like to secure a shoot then we can always set something up with you as a paying client. That being said, I would still love to hear from you so that you may be considered for a future shoot! Please provide all of the information below in an email to and put "Model Shoot interest" in the subject field and my assistant will get back to you.

If you are wanting to book me then I would would love to be hired as your photographer <3  A shoot starts at $350. You might also qualify for the model discount if you are an established model and your idea is mutually beneficial (e.g. theme or idea of the shoot is something that suites my style/and I haven't already photographed that theme or idea). With this discount it would still allow me to use the images for social media/promotion and the images would also have a small watermark. If you are unsure if you qualify for this discount then please send an email to and my assistant will get back to you!

Thank you! 

Sarah Bowman <3 

copy and paste this next section into an email to titled "Model Shoot interest"


Please include all this information in point form in the body of your message


Name - 

Age -

Location -

Are you able to travel to Nanaimo? - 

Social media links - 

Portfolio (if separate from social media) - 

If you are visiting do you have specific dates that you needed to do the shoot? - 

If you are emailing regarding a shoot idea that you have then please include it here - 


This next bit of information should be included if you would like to be considered for my fashion shoots or personal projects since I am often given garments of a specific size or have a pre-made garment that I am going to be using. I shoot all sizes so don't hesitate to fill this out<3 


Height - 

Bust - 

Waist - 

Hips - 

Cup - 

Dress - 

Shoe - 

Ethnicity - 

How much nudity, if any? I am always looking for models of any modesty level so it's completely fine if you aren't comfortable with nudes. - 


Thank you! We will get back to you shortly.